Officially launched by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia on 8 September 2009.
Contribution And Donation Fund
Bank Islam (M) Berhad: 12029010047880
Maybank (M) Berhad: 562263010787
Bank Muamalat (M) Berhad: 12070005133717
RHB Islamic Bank: 21245760004907
Bank Rakyat: 22-080-619592-2
Palestinian Women & Children Fund | Bank Islam (M) Berhad: 1202-9010-0598-95
CIMB Bank: 8600460353
Affin Bank: 105240006138
Al-Rajhi Bank: 103001881110858
For contributions of saleable goods to be channeled to the Palestine fund, you may contact the office for more information.
Any MOU, agreement, joint venture & cooperation contributable to the value that can be utilized by the Palestinian people and to the cause of their freedom is most welcomed with wide open arms. Only Allah alone can repay your kindness.

    1. Ramadhan In Palestine 2009/1430H
    2. The Campaign On Ramadhan For Palestine In Schools Throughout Malaysia
      A campaign of RM1 a day for Palestine in schools. The objective of the campaign is to motivate and encourage students, especially the Muslims to hasten in doing charities in the holy month of Ramadhan. In addition, this campaign will educate students in saving for a good cause.
      Please click here for more information.
    3. Ramadhan Campaign For IPT/College
      IPT students throughout the country have been aware that the issue of Palestine is a humanitarian and global issue. Many students have started making efforts at the IPT level and move actively by organizing programs under the banner of registered student associations in the IPT to provide general awareness to the public, and especially to all IPT students of Malaysia.
      Please click here for more information on this particular program.
    4. The Project With Malaysian Banks
      To carry out the "Ramadhan For Palestine Campaign", hence accepting and collecting contributions for Palestine through the affiliation service method:
      • Automatic Teller Machine.
      • Internet Banking.
      Read or download the associated pdf file here.
    5. The Project With Companies/Institutions
      The objectives of this campaign are:
      • To spread awareness and invoke a more caring attitude towards the fate of the Palestinians in Palestine and in refugee camps in the surrounding regions.
      • To create a cooperative Malaysian society so that everyone would be more thankful with what they have got in life thus far.
      • To make space for government and non-government bodies, and also associations in Malaysia to be involved directly in helping the Palestinians.
      • To share happiness with the Palestinians during Ramadhan and Eid Celebration.
      Read or download the associated pdf file here.