Awaits Arrival Of The Islamic Defenders


My name is Muhamad Zulkifli, I may not be known by many people, but I know a lot of people.
Islam is a religion that is pure, And if Islam is mentioned in another country, we will be in a browser with prior history of our fighters. perhaps without realizing it, Islam is now no longer as before. because our minds are controlled by the State west

Many western countries play a role in all aspects. Is it true? for I do not. If Islam truly risen, they would shiver. But we did not rise. we want harmony, peace. But what they do to us? they continue to bully us what I want to say lah Islam rose, rose lah

"In Every Age Will Have To Be Selected Khalifah (by Allah) shall Need to find"

find it Khalifa is abuzz, and give ease to lead the world his teeth while waiting for the Messenger of Allah Newsletter. work as back Zaman Khilafah
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